Friday, October 2, 2015

Advice I'd Give New-Leader Me

If I could go back eight years and give a single piece of advice to that new Girl Scout leader just starting out, it would be a very simple one - take more pictures.

While I take photos regularly for my job, I'm far from shutter-happy outside of work. I'd much rather be doing something or enjoying the moment than taking photos to try to capture it. Most of the photos we have of the troop were either taken by my co-leader or hasty after-thoughts, scrambled together before we jump in the car.

But last spring, when our oldest girls in the troop graduated eighth grade (and Cadettes), I decided to put together a framed photo collage for each of their years in Scouts. Luckily, I was able to dig up enough photos, but it made me wish I had taken more over the years. It was amazing to see how much each of them had grown and matured - my co-leader and I kept remarking that we couldn't remember them ever being that little as they were back in Brownies. In going through the images, it was also great to look back at some of the things we've done over the years.

So to other leaders out there, especially just starting out - take a moment along the Girl Scout journey to snap a pic or two. Even when you're looking like a drowned rat at the end of a rainy campout, or when you swear you'll never attempt that craft project again in your lifetime (I'm looking at you - popsicle stick birdfeeders that likely fell apart at first breeze). Not so often that your girls automatically pose when they see you coming, but enough that you have something to look back on to see how far you've come.

Also, if you're looking to put together a photo collage of your own, I highly recommend Canva. There are plenty of other online tools out there that work similarly, but I use Canva for personal and professional purposes, mainly due to the fact that it's easy-to-use, free, offers a great deal of flexibility and allows you to download a high-resolution PDF/JPG, suitable for printing and framing.

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