Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Still Keeping On ...

So, um, yeah ... it's been a while. Too long. How ya been, old blog?

In the past couple of years, some things have changed. I changed jobs not once, but twice, went back to school and completed my MBA. Some things haven't changed - I'm still leading the same troop, only now they're all officially teenagers. We went on our first "real" trip (outside of camping) and are planning another one for next summer. The girls are still as fun, hilarious, intelligent, down-to-earth, inspiring - and sometimes frustrating - as ever before.

We've had some successes and failures as a troop, and each time, I thought about coming back here to write them down. Each time, I stopped myself, due to laziness, lack of time, or a sense that it wasn't all that important. As I kept seeing more and more Girl Scout Facebook groups, Council forums, Pinterest boards and online discussions spring up, I told myself that a Girl Scout blog didn't make all that much sense - there were plenty of other resources out there.

But two things led me back here:
1) I got a notification that my domain name had automatically renewed. Not the best reason for blogging, but hey, I'm cheap and if it's here, I should at least take advantage of it.
2) I got a very kind note from an unknown reader thanking me for the help she found here in leading her Brownie troop. Again, blogging for accolades is not a worthy pursuit, but if even one person finds some value in our troop's ups and downs, then it's far from time wasted.

But more importantly, I miss jotting down and reflecting on our troop activities. Whether or not anyone reads these words, I find it helpful to capture what worked (and what didn't) as a journal of how far our troop has come. And who knows, as our girls speed too quickly toward the end of their Girl Scout days, I may need these notes to run my next Girl Scout troop. :)

As they say in Girl Scouts, make new friends, but keep the old. Good to see you again.

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