Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Funday Links: Easy Ways to Use Up Leftover Yarn

Easy Yarn CraftsIf you're a Girl Scout leader for any length of time, you'll slowly acquire a drawer, cabinet, closet ... or
possibly even an entire room *cough* my office *cough* dedicated to the accumulating supply of troop and craft materials.

I'm always on the lookout for ways to use up craft materials that I have on hand, and yarn is by far the easiest. If you aren't already drowning in skeins, it's pretty inexpensive to buy if you want to tackle one of these projects. Or, just put out the call to fellow Scout leaders and I'm sure someone will be happy to unload some of their leftovers.

God's Eye - This classic camp craft is easy enough for even Brownies to do. (Since it originates from Mexico, it could also be applicable for international or Thinking Day related activities.) I made it at day camp using just twigs once, but for younger girls the large craft sticks make it much easier.

Yarn Painting - Another craft originating from Mexico. All you need is cardboard/posterboard and glue and you're good to go. With younger girls, keep the design as simple as possible - we did a basic butterfly, although hearts, stars and geometric patterns also work well.

Friendship Bracelets - I was a bracelet-making fiend as a child, churning out far more bracelets than I had friends. My preferred medium was always embroidery floss, but when we were trying to teach the process to our troop, we found that yarn was a good option for beginning bracelet-makers. (Just be careful to select yarn that doesn't not fray too easily.)

Finger Weaving - I learned how to finger weave at day camp and see now that our leaders were brilliant. Once girls catch on to it, it's one of those great crafts that can be done independently with no supervision, can fill any length of time - and uses up leftover supplies of yarn. For short projects, the finished weaving can be a bracelet or headband; if you have more time, they can easily become belts or whatever else you can come up with.

Another Weaving Project - I've had this on my to-do list for a while - just haven't gotten around to it. It looks pretty straightforward enough for most ages, but probably will need some help with the finishing at the end.

Straw Weaving - Another project for my to-try list. With just some inexpensive drinking straws and yarn, it makes a pretty cool end result.

These are just a basic start - the possibilities really are endless. If you have the skills and are working with older girls, you could also always teach them basic crotcheting or knitting (skills I wish I had!) How do you use up your leftover yarn?

Happy Sunday Surfing!

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