Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Funday Links: Beyond the S'more

I posted last week about our Girl Scout troop's tried-and-true meals for camp. And of course, our old standby for dessert tends to be s'mores. Like our other favorites, they're inexpensive, quick to prepare and allow each girl to make her own. And nothing screams campout like the ooey goodness of a s'more. But sometimes we like to add a little variety. Here are some options out there that we've tried and are still on our list to try in the future.

Banana Boats - Our girls were pretty evenly split on these, but I'll admit we have some picky eaters. The nice thing is that it's easy to throw a couple on to give the girls a sample (if you're not sure they're going to be a hit.)

Brown Bears - These are my personal favorite - and yet we haven't actually done them yet with our current troop. Our girls are notorious for their impatience (when they make s'mores, they barely allow their marshmallows to get warm) but these are definitely worth the wait.

Dump Cake - This is my co-leaders favorite. Most of the recipes I've seen online also call for crushed pineapple, but the version we usually make just uses the pie filling, cake mix and butter. This is a great dessert to put on the fire as soon as you finish cooking dinner, as it takes a little while.

Pie Iron Cinnamon Rolls - There's really no recipe needed for this, since it's nothing more than cooking refrigerated cinnamon rolls in a pie iron. (If you're not familiar with pie iron concept, check this out.) Be sure to check frequently as ours cooked pretty quickly.

S'more Cobbler - This could probably be done in a Dutch oven, but we did it one year when we were staying in a lodge (and were too tired to build a fire.) Tasty - but be sure to grease the sides of the pan well or line with foil - ours stuck like crazy.

Campfire Cones - We haven't done these with our girls (yet) but they look tasty and could easily be adjusted  depending on preferences.

Campfire Eclairs - I haven't had these since I was a Girl Scout myself, but this reminds me that we need to introduce them to our troop.

Puppy Chow - While this could probably be done over a campfire, this an even better snack if you're staying in a lodge/cabin with a stove.

Pudding Cones - Every once in a while, you need an easy, go-to dessert for those times when plans don't cooperate. Our very first campout with our troop was one of those cases. The first night, we had planned on building a fire and making S'mores. But as we huddled under the shelter as the rain pelted down, waiting for the tornado watch to be lifted, we knew there was not going to be a campfire. Pudding cones to the rescue. And full disclosure, we actually used pre-made canned pudding, although it's not easy to find. This makes it an even better emergency snack.

Happy Sunday Surfing!

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