Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sunday Funday Links - Icebreakers

As an adult, I've always hated going to events and being forced to play cheesy icebreaker games. But working with my Girl Scouts has given me a new sense of appreciation for these activities. Whether you're starting a brand-new troop or starting a new year with a veteran troop, games can be a great way to learn more about each other, welcome new girls into the fold, improve cooperation - and just have fun.

Ships and Sailors - There's a few different versions out there, but this is a game our girls love and request frequently.

Two Truths and a Lie - Even with groups who know each other well, you always learn something new. 

Toilet Paper Icebreaker - Can really only be played once (or else girls know what is coming) but good for a first meeting.

Barnyard - Fun way to divide young girls up into groups.

Silent Lineup - Learn more about each other without saying a word. (And an easy activity to keep them quiet and busy while we're getting something ready for the meeting.)

Strut Miss Lucy - Young girls usually love this. We actually used to play it as an icebreaker for Dad & Me events - and the dads got even more into it than the girls, breaking out cartwheels, somersaults and more.

Little Sally Walker - similar to Strut Miss Lucy

String Toss - Possibilities are endless, but a good way to get everyone talking while still taking turns.

Find Someone Who ... - An old standby that can easily be adapted for any age group. Here's a sample of one we did with our troop when they were first-year Juniors.

Here's a few more icebreaker collections to check out:


  1. Love these ideas! It reminded me of one I used several years ago, when I took over my daughter's troop - similar to the tp one but using m&m's - I discovered quickly that the girls LOVE m&m's and it was quite entertaining when several of them took a big handful!

  2. Thanks! That's another great one - here's the link for others out there:

    I'm just afraid our troop would be there all night sharing things about themselves after grabbing huge handfuls. :)