Friday, September 14, 2012

Teaching the Girl Scout Law

Girl Scout Sign
Now that our girls are Juniors/Cadettes, they can easily rattle off the Girl Scout Promise and Law. Most of that ability has come through pure repetition - we do them at the beginning of nearly every meeting and have since they were Brownies.

But I also think it's important to make sure they understand the meaning of the words they're saying, even at a young age.

Here are a few ideas we've tried over the years to make the words more "real" to them (and to make sure it stuck with them).

Law Lineup
Write each phrase of the law on a different piece of paper, i.e. To be Honest and Fair on one, Friendly and Helpful on another. Mix up the sheets and give one to each girl. Then, without saying a word, ask them to line up in the correct order of the law. When they have it correct, have each girl read their phrase and give an example of what it means or how they can demonstrate that attribute.

Pick Your Phrase
Using the sheets from the previous example, lay them out on the floor or tape them up to a wall. Ask the girls to go stand next to the phrase that represents something they do really well. Ask them to share how or why. Then ask them to go stand next to a phrase that represents a weakness or something they need to work on. Finally, ask them to pick a phrase that they're going to work on over the next week and discuss examples of ways they can do that in their everyday life.

Law Charades
Split the girls up into small groups of 2-4 girls and assign each group a phrase/characteristic of the law. Give them a couple of minutes to come up with a short skit/scenario that demonstrates their part. Then have each group perform and let the rest of the troop guess what part they're performing.

Law Bracelet
I've seen this done a few different ways - here's one example. When we did it as Brownies, we had a terrible time finding enough different colors of the pony beads in stores, so you might have better luck online. We ended up having to buy a big bucket of mixed colors and then sorting them out - unless you're just looking for ways to kill an evening, I'd avoid this if you can.

How did you help your girls learn the Law?

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