Sunday, September 30, 2012

Sunday Funday Links: Inexpensive Halloween Crafts

I know some troops don't celebrate Halloween for a variety of reasons - our troop has been pretty hit-or-miss. We don't throw a party or make a big deal out of it, but it's not unusual for us to make a Halloween craft or decoration.

It's especially great when we can tie it into a badge (such as making a Halloween mobile for the Colors & Shapes Try-It) or a service project (such as making table decorations/favors for a nursing home).

Sometimes though, it's fun to just take a break and make something for fun - even better when you can do it on the cheap. Here are a few ideas from people far more creative than myself.

Eggshell Ghost Mobile

Ghost Mobile - Made from recycled eggshells and string - can't get much more inexpensive than this.

Mummy Cards

Mummy Cards - We made these last year to hand out when we went trick-or-treating at the nursing home. Some cardboard/cardstock, gauze and googly eyes and you're set.

Spooky Painting

Spooky Painting - Could be a fun activity if you're working on an art-related badge - and lets the girls express their creativity.

Acorn Pumpkins

Acorn Pumpkins - I think these are adorable and could be fun on a fall camping trip.

Scary Pudding Cups

Scary Pudding Cups - Ok, not so much a take-home craft but we did these last year as a fun snack.

Halloween Napkin Rings

Halloween Napkin Rings - Made from recycled paper towel tubes, I think the spider or ghost version would be good for younger girls.

Happy Sunday Surfing!

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