Friday, September 28, 2012

My How Things Change ...

One of the things I enjoy most about Girl Scouts is watching our troop grow and change over the years. I look back at photos now from their first year of Brownies and wonder where those tiny girls went. The ones who couldn't tie their shoes but yet were so excited about every craft or project we did. (If you're a Brownie leader, soak up that enthusiasm ... you'll need it when you get to the Cadette years.) Sometimes it seems like I can't wait for them to get to the next grade or level, so that they can do more, and at other times, they just seem to be growing up too fast.

I think as leaders it's our job to notice and capture these changes, which can sometimes be subtle. That's  why I love this beginning of the year project. I'll admit that I am horrible at remembering to take photos, so this activity actually forced me to do so. Not to mention, our girls loved being able to see for themselves how they had changed throughout the course of the year.

At the beginning of the year, take a photo of each of the girls and have them fill out a short survey.

Here's the template I created but feel free to adapt for your purposes.

Then, have them do the same survey at the end of the troop year and take another photo. We put these side by side in a binder and displayed them at our closing ceremony - it was amazing to see how much they had changed in just 9 months, both in their appearance and in their personalities. It's such a simple thing but a fun one to try with your troop.

What are the biggest changes you've noticed in your girls?

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