Tuesday, September 25, 2012

10 Signs You're Officially a Girl Scout Leader

Oldest Girl Scout
Sure, you may have volunteered to lead or help with a Girl Scout troop. You filled out the paperwork, took the required training, held a parents meeting and planned activities. But I think there's a moment for every leader where you look around and ask, "How did I get here?"

For me, that moment was the Saturday afternoon in June where I found myself voluntarily taking an archery training class in 100-degree heat, just because I thought it was something our girls would enjoy doing on our next camping trip.

Here are a few more signs that you've embraced this "leader thing":

1) When someone tells you what they do for a living, your mind immediately starts thinking of ways they can help your troop earn a badge.

2) You refuse to karaoke or sing in public because you can't carry a tune but have no problem belting out tortured verses of Girl Scouts Together.

3) Your Pinterest boards used to be consumed with lovely home decor and party ideas. Now the majority of your pins are for crafts with googly eyes and 20 Dutch oven recipes.

4) Family and friends stop taking your calls during Girl Scout cookie season. Or, they start hunting you down at all hours to give you their order, like you're some sort of illicit cookie dealer.

5) An increasingly large portion of your home is devoted to craft supplies, because you never know when you might need 8 glue sticks, 10 pairs of kids scissors and fun foam scraps in every color of the rainbow. And of course, you're still looking for that perfect craft for those adorable leftover juice containers.

6) The checklists that you've created for camping could easily rival the planning involved in large-scale military operations.

7) You've stayed up way too late or devoted significant amounts of brainpower figuring out how to properly build and decorate a fake bridge, which was then only used for about 10 minutes in a ceremony.

8) You own a hat covered with crafty little pins (even though you're not a 'hat person') or have willingly answered to a camp name (though you usually hate nicknames).

9) For just a moment, you actually considered buying a larger vehicle because it would be more convenient for field trips.

10) You consider a walking taco a well-rounded and perfectly acceptable meal. And may have even made one at home when you weren't camping. (Sheepishly raises hand ...)

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  1. I knew I was officially a Girl Scout Leader when I opened my closet and saw that the majority of my wardrobe consists of GS t-shirts.
    2. I can't find last year's tax return but I know exactly where the instructions are for the Christmas angel craft.
    3.After filling in my calendar with the up-coming Girl Scout meetings and events for the next 12 months I turn to my husband and say I will not volunteer for another thing and hejust laughs!

    1. Dawn -- Thanks for the additions. So true - especially #3! I always say I'm going to try to cut back on volunteer commitments and usually end up doing the opposite.